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The IET/MATE Hong Kong Regional - Underwater Robot Challenge 2022


Dates: 28 August 2022

Venue: Online Engineering Presentation




The 17th IET/MATE Hong Kong Regional of the MATE ROV Competition

For Senior Secondary and University Students

Standard registration form link below


DETAILS of 2022 competition




About IET Hong Kong and Underwater Robot Challenge

The Institution of Engineering and Technology Hong Kong [IET Hong Kong] is the second largest overseas branch of the IET, UK' s largest professional engineering institution, and also the world's largest professional engineer awarding body. Besides, organizing activities for professional engineers and engineering students, IET Hong Kong organizes different STEM programs for youth. Over years, IET Hong Kong has been organizing Hong Kong Regional of the MATE International ROV Competition and underwater robot challenges for senior students.

This year IET Hong Kong organizes the 17th Hong Kong Regional of MATE International ROV Competition on 28 August 2022 online.

The Marine Advanced Technology Education Centre [MATE](located in California, USA), in association with the Marine Technology Society's ROV Committee, has been organising the International Remote Operated Contest for the past seventeen years. This is aimed at school, college and university students.

In addition, the IET Hong Kong also provides different learning experience for junior students through the IET Hong Kong Experience Class.

So far over 100 schools have taken part in the event in Hong Kong, with nearly 500 schools taking part each year around the world.

Details of the 17th IET/MATE Hong Kong Regional of the MATE ROV Competition


The 17th IET/MATE Hong Kong Regional of the MATE International ROV Competition is open for the teams from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and China. Participants are invited to join either EXPLORER or RANGER class in the competition. The EXPLORER / RANGER class follows the MATE International ROV Competition missions and rules. Teams meeting the MATE EXPLORER / RANGER qualification criteria are eligible for entry to the MATE International ROV Competition.

The EXPLORER class is most appropriate for:

•   High schools that have previously participated in a MATE competition
•   Community colleges and universities EXPLORER teams must demonstrate their vehicle at a regional event or via video submitted to MATE headquarters before advancing to the international competition.

The RANGER class is most appropriate for:

•  Middle schools with robotics experience
•  High schools
•  Community colleges and universities new to robotics


In general, the eligibility of team is mainly followed the guidelines from MATE organization. For more detail information, please refer to the following link:

General information:

Eligibility for Explorer Class:

Eligibility for Ranger Class:

Additional notes on the number of teams in Ranger Class:

The first team will have higher priority to participant the competition.
The second team will be considered, provided that there are no common students (i.e., students can only participate on one team).
A first team will be registered in first-come-first-served basis.
A lot draw for the second team will be conducted if the place still has.

Mission, engineering and qualification specifications in 2022

2022 Scoring

For the full competition manuals for each competition class, please visit the links below.

•   For EXPLORER Challenge

•   For RANGER Challenge

Reference material:

•   Technical reports from previous international competitions

Competition Details

Competition Format

- Technical Documentation Submission + online presentation
* Technical Documentation include Technical report, specification sheet, Company Safety Review and SID. Submission of JSA is optional.
- Submission Date for Technical Documentation & Poster: On or before 23:59 on 21 August 2022
- The submission documents will follow the rules of MATE ROV competition + poster pdf.
- Checklist will be sent out later.

Online Presentation

* Presentation Format

- Zoom presentation.
- Total: 30 mintues / team

* Rundown per team: (All in English)

- 10 minutes (MATE Technical Presentation : follow MATE Rules, no powerpoint/video)
- 10 minutes (Real ROV on land showcase/demo : can use ppt/video)
- 10 minutes Q&A


- Technical Documentation : follow MATE score sheet
- Safety checking: follow MATE safety checking documentation score sheet
- Poster : follow MATE score sheet
- Presentation:
* MATE technical presentation: follow MATE score sheet
* REAL ROV on land showcase/demo: convert MATE mission score sheet, judges will evaluate the effectiveness and possibility for each of the tasks the student mentioned in 5-point scale (0-5).
- Total Score will be the sum up of all the items.

Registrations of the 17th IET/MATE Hong Kong Regional of the MATE ROV Competition

Standard Registration Due on
19 August 2022
Regional Registration Fee

Explorer - HK$500 per team
Ranger - HK$400 per team

NOTES & Requirement:

1. Every team must submit the technical documentations + poster
2. Every team must showcase their ROV on land during the presentation
3. The presentation will be conducted in English only
4. Late submission will result in score penalty

Key Dates of Competition

Till 19 August 2022
Registration closed
21 August 2022
Submission Deadline of Technical Documentation & Poster
28 August 2022
Online Competition

Details of Workshop

IET Hong Kong Workshop

IET Hong Kong Workshop aims to offer techniques and knowledge related to ROV for students in Elementary and general levels, who have no experience and/or knowledge on ROV.
Three kinds of workshop would be offered as follows:

Workshop #1: 3D Modeling and Printing
Session 1
Date: 4 August 2022 (Thursday) 14:30 to 17:30
  • Introduction to 3D Parts Modelling
  • Sketching Techniques
  • Basic Parts Editing
  • Session 2
    Date: 11 August 2022 (Thursday) 14:30 to 17:30
  • Creating Assemblies
  • Assembly with standard parts (motors,Plastic pipe)
  • 3D printing procedure and preparation works

  • [Optional] Practical Workshop
    Date: 19 August 2022 (Friday) 10:00 to 13:00

    Workshop #2: Safety

    Workshop Highlight

    This workshop will focus on product safety during electrical design and construction

    Topics to be covered

    Surface Control, wiring method, Fuse size calculation, power connection, System interconnection etc.

    Session 1

    Date: 9 August 2022 (Tuesday) 19:00 to 20:00

    Session 2

    Date: 16 August 2022 (Tuesday) 19:00 to 20:00

    Format: Online

    Workshop #3: ROV control programming workshop

    Workshop Highlight

    This workshop will share how Robot 3D control is achieved, programming knowledge on microprocessing will be introduced

    Session 1

    Date: 27 July 2022 (Wednesday) 14:30 to 17:30

    Session 2

    Date: 3 August 2022 (Wednesday) 14:30 to 17:30

    Format: Online

    Registration fee for Workshop:


    Registration form:

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